We Miss Ya Kiddo

Ryan, Farren and Bob May of 2004

Just stumbled onto this photo and realized how tall Ryan was in 2004.  He had such great posture.  He was a proud person who always had to have his hair just so and his clothes stylish.  Von Dutch ?  I think that was really popular at the time but for the life of me I can’t remember why?  So many things Ryan has missed.  He never saw a Iphone, Facebook or apps that do everything.  He has missed Farren’s kids growing up and Bob & I growing older.  He missed Pflugerville having Hwy 45 and 130, Costco, so many fast food places and a super Walmart and Target.  He would have loved having super fun technology and access to everything in Pflugerville.  So while he missed so many new advances, we continue to just miss him.

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