Happy Birthday Ryan

Today is Ryan’s Birthday and I can only imagine how things would be if her were alive today.  Would he love FaceBook, what kind of car would he drive and what would he look like.  When you lose someone at 32 years old they are frozen young.  He will remain my fresh faced young son who had his whole life ahead.  As I look in the mirror I see the road map of life in my wrinkles and the worries in my gray hair.  We all miss his smile and quirky sense of humor.  He would have taught his niece and nephew the “art” of being the brightest spot in the room.  He would have enjoyed showing them the world.  I think he would be active in the Texas BMX Hall of Fame and would have enjoyed the new BMX track in Pflugerville.  I am not sure he would have raced but he would have enjoyed watching and meeting with old friends.  For certain he would still be a snappy dresser and having a love of all things expensive and exclusive.  So, today I remember my 9 lb 14 ounce baby who was mostly fun to be around and who did care of everyone around him.

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